A Message from Owen

Hi Heart Family,

O-Dawg here! It’s been awhile since I have stopped by. My Mommy and Daddy sure do miss me and I thank all of you for reminding them how loved they are by our heavenly father and how many of you are there for them when missing me just hurts so bad!

I have been very busy welcoming new friends to Heaven and there have been lots of fun parties! My friends Weston, Ethan, Katherine, and I were busy making mud pies for Mommy’s birthday recently and then got in a big mud fight. We laughed and giggled and have so much fun together being kids in healed bodies! We were filthy and I wish my Mommy had been here to give me a bath but we had my grandma and other family to help out until she is with us up here.

Speaking of parties, my birthday is only a few weeks away! How cool is it that YOU will get to save a life in honor of my short life on earth! There are so many people that aren’t ready to join us in Heaven and God still has big plans for them down there with you! Please schedule your appointment and party with my Mommy and Daddy at my first birthday party! I know it will be a VERY hard day for them and all of your love and generosity will keep smiles on their faces.

You can schedule your appointment by visiting www.desertbloodservices.org or calling 800.879.4484. The party is from 10-2 at Sacred Heart School on the corner of Deep Canyon and Fred Waring in Palm Desert.

Mommy and her friends have been planning lots of things for this special day! Get ready for treats, crafts, face painting and more. And keep an eye out… I will be there too in every beautiful thing you see!

I love you all so much!

Smooches – Baby O