Pay it forward for LionHeart Owen

grateful – Appreciative of benefits received; thankful.

November is a month to be grateful (we should have hearts of gratitude all year long but that’s not what this post is about). So, in November we celebrate gratitude! I have said it many many times, it was a miracle we got spend 16 weeks with Owen and we believe that Owen was put here for a short time to teach us something. He taught us love, joy, strength, and gratitude, among many other things.

Owen never got to see a November here with us. He will never jump in the fall leaves, see the first snow, sigh a big sigh of relief that weather in the desert will now be awesome till end of May! He never got to wear a big puffy jacket, feel the cold on his face and warm it up with a hot cocoa, he never got to do so many things that are given to us every day.

This November I am asking everyone to join us and have a heart of gratitude by paying it forward for LionHeart Owen. Pay it forward to yourself by doing the things you have been putting off and find joy or wake up with a smile and keep it there all day. You deserve it! Challenge yourself and pay it forward to a friend. Bring them dinner unexpectedly or surprise them with coffee and a treat. Go big! While you are buying that coffee, pay it forward to the stranger behind you in line and buy their coffee. Donate to your favorite charity; if you need help picking one I know just the one for you! Remember Owen in every act and tell his story.

In honor of Owen I will be posting pictures of his little life from the beginning every day during the month of November. I may go into December but I want a daily reminder of my gratitude and hopefully, his face will offer the same reminder to all of you!