Owen’s gift has been received

Owen’s heart sister is a serious heart warrior! She has lived at CHLA since she was born. She has survived 6 surgical procedures, months on a Berlin heart, a heart transplant, a trach surgery and today conquered a Gtube surgery! She is the definition of a heart hero and we feel so blessed to be part of their journey!

Today we were able to give her the gift of books to celebrate Owen’s half birthday! We partnered with Literally Healing Library at CHLA and her gift showed up as she was coming back from her surgery! The books brought so much joy to both her and her parents and we loved that we were able to give them that gift today! The Library blessed us so many times during our time in the hospital. We can’t wait to partner with them again!

Happy day to all! May you be blessed tonight and throughout the weekend!

We love you heart family!