LionHeart Owen Holiday Book Drive

Hi Heart Family,

My Mommy is way too excited to wait till Turkey day… So, I had to come down to say “Hi” and let you know how you can help all of my friends at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles this holiday season. My Mommy and Daddy loved visiting my “Aunties” and “Uncles” at the Literally Healing Library every weekday while I was living in the hospital. The library is on the 6th floor of the hospital and they say it is so cool. There are tons of books! Every weekday Mommy and Daddy would visit the really nice book people and they would give them a book for free for me to keep for my very own library. My Mommy and Daddy would get so excited to read the stories to me. I loved it when they read to me. It was our favorite time of the day! They still look at those books a lot now and sometimes Mommy and Daddy sit at my room at the “H” word and read to me. My friends and I will snuggle up in the clouds in Heaven and listen to them. It’s still my favor…ite thing to do with them.

Well, my Mommy and Daddy loved it so much and they got lots of books cuz’ I was there for a long time. So, with your help they want to put some more books in there for other kiddos. They said that they need your help to make it happen. They will have some of their favorite books, some books for big kids, some books for the sick kids brothers and sisters, and some books to help kids when their hearts are sad and they have to leave the hospital without their brother or sister. It can be really confusing for some people why we have to go to heaven and can’t go to the “H” word. Mommy and Daddy want to get 5,000 books to the hospital by Christmas. Do you think we can do it? Cuz’ I know we can. Mommy said you can click here to buy a book and she will send reminders all the time so you don’t get forgetful. I watch you adults a lot and you forget the silliest things. My favorite thing is to watch the Mommy’s and Daddy’s look for their keys when they haven’t had that dark drink yet. It makes me laugh really hard.

I love you heart family and miss you so much. I hope you have a really nice day eating that big bird with your loved ones on Turkey Day. It sounds like a really fun day! I’m thankful for you and all the love you have for my heart brothers and sisters and all of the sick kiddos at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

See you every time the wind blows!

Baby O

Click Here to purchase books from the LionHeart Owen Holiday Book Drive Registry