1,500 Books For 15 Weeks

oday marks 15 weeks without Owen. Hard to believe that next week will be 16 weeks since we held him in our arms. At 5:06pm on Christmas Day our precious Owen will be gone from this earth longer than he was here. My heart breaks at this realization. I am thankful for all of you that continue to walk this journey with us and continue to tell his story and carry on his legacy. I am thankful that our tiny son, who never said a word, was and IS heard round the world. He was so small but his roar and his legacy are moving mountains from his new home in heaven.

In memory of Owen and the 15 weeks we have spent without him, let’s see if we can reach 1,500 books! We only need 60 more books to make it happen. Help us spread the word and spread joy as the books are delivered in the hands of patients and their siblings at CHLA!

Purchase a book today and help us get to 1,500 books for 15 weeks!

Click here to buy a book today! Every book counts!