We Did It!

Jaxon and Leo have a little message to share with you…. That’s right it says that Owen has the BEST heart family and we just placed an order for 201 shirts! I typed the order with tears in my eyes overwhelmed by the support we have received. Thank you for loving us so much and not letting our sunshine fade! We are so happy God chose your for our heart family! Together we are going to do some incredible things. Look out CHDs the Lionheart Owen warriors are a force to be reckoned with!!!

If you have ordered a shirt and will be at the race on Saturday, we will be hand delivering the shirt to you there. If not, we will be shipping them out to you. Owen has a little surprise with each order and he hopes that you like it! If you have not ordered a t-shirt and would like to, they will always be available at www.lionheartowen.com/donate. Any orders received today forward will be shipped at a later date and you will receive an email when your t-shirt is ready to ship.

Wishing you all a very blessed Monday!