Update From Owen – Post Op Day FOUR

Hi Heart Family,

I’m feeling much better today so Mommy said I could send an update to all of my friends. Mommy and Daddy learned their first BIG normal parenting lesson last night! Babies squeak, they can appear restless, and they squirm BUT they are sleeping!!!! Leave them alone!!! They thought I was having a tough night and were very jumpy. They’re still learning that even though I have a special heart I am still just a baby. They started making me anxious so I began to breathe really fast and needed some extra support. Then at midnight mommy told daddy that they needed to leave and they gave me a big kiss. They knew my nurses would take good care of me but were still worried. Right after they left I settled in, slowed my breathing and slept all night! Sometimes I wish I could talk so I could tell them I’m ok! Everyone is really happy with how good I’m doing and comes in throughout the day to look at me and smile. I love all of the attention and Mommy has been calling me Casanova and a show off… I told her its tough being this cute and I just can’t help it! I’m on 6 liters on the high flow now and once I’m down to 4 they can start feeding me again. I can’t wait! Milk rocks!!! I’m also hoping they can figure out how to get the nasal cannula to stay on my tiny face without this goofy tape on my nose. It’s really making me have to up my game with the ladies. Thank you for all of your roars. I could feel the ground rumble with all of your support and prayers. I think we all made God smile with all of our prayers. Love you hope you have a great Friday!!!



Aka… Lion Heart, Mighty Warrior, Baby O, O Dog, Boo boos, OT, Lion King, Lil’ Man, Lil’ Buddy, Rockstar, Mama’s Boy, Strong Fighter, Lil’ one, Handsome face, Hamburglar, Cutie Pitootie, and many more!