Sleepy head

Our little lion is still far away in dreamland. He was awake for about 14 hours straight yesterday so I’m glad he’s getting caught up on his zzzzz’s. Sleep is the best medicine! We spoke with the Cardiologist this morning and they decided to do the echo tomorrow. Our lil’ man has shown some increase work in breathing and he is having some moderate retractions so we are keeping a real close eye on him today. His hematocrit is low as well so he will be getting a blood transfusion this afternoon. Hopefully that will help everything and make him feel a little better! Please continue to pray for our lion heart! We will keep you posted on today’s first as soon as sleepy head decides to wake up and try one. Thank you for all of the blood donors out there. Your selfless acts are making a difference everyday! If you are not a donor, please consider it! You have the power to save a life!