Post Op Day TWO

Oh lil’ lion heart you have aged your parents. Happy TEN weeks baby boy.

He had an interesting night. He got his chest tubes removed yesterday and looks great. Mid afternoon he woke up and was very uncomfortable. He was agitated and his blood pressure went up as well as his heart rate. Jeff and I were very concerned and asked for the doctor and then talked with the fellow as well. They all believed he was dealing with some withdrawal and pain. We weren’t convinced. 4 hours later and one very upset daddy, Jeff bumped into the surgeon in the hall. Jeff told him our concerns and he came in to check on him. When he saw Owen he asked “why is this lil one awake?!?!?” He ordered a stronger pain med and felt our lil’ man was just dealing with pain from it only being ONE day since a life saving open heart surgery! Well, pain meds were given in a separate line and our little man calmed right down and had a restful night. Fast forward to this morning and one very comfy baby later we come to find out his picc line was kinked AND he wasn’t receiving the original pain meds last night!!!!! That’s why he was so agitated and upset! It has since been resolved and he has been weaned from all of the extra pain meds that were given but not received! He was intubated nasally during surgery and I hate it! His poor nose is way too small to have a big tube coming out of it. He is breathing great and they are going to start him on some workouts today! His heart rate and blood pressures are great as well! Our lil’ man is a champ!