Owen 2.0

Owen’s realized that there’s tape on his nose and keeps going cross-eyed! He cracks us up. We feel so blessed to spend so much time with him and watch him discover new things. He’s doing great today!!! He is so happy that he is getting fed…. We started at 10cc every 3 hours this morning and have been raising the amount by 5cc every other feeding. He is currently up to 20cc and tolerating it great! I’ve asked to meet with the occupational therapist again and going to get him working on his sucking and swallowing reflexes. We aren’t going home with a feeding tube if we can help it! They’ve also started weaning the oxygen support again and plan to go as low as is comfortable for him and as long as his saturation levels stay above 92. So far he is at 1.5 liters with sats of 100! Go Owen!  Owen was placed on a medication for his arrhythmia over a month ago. The medicine has kept the arrhythmia under control but recently has lowered his heart rate. We spoke with his cardiologist and since we are still in the CTICU they feel like it is a good time to test the waters and discontinue the medication. Please pray the arrhythmia do not return! They are going to give him a break today on the Dilaudid wean and try to wean him again tomorrow. Dilaudid is a very heavy narcotic and since he has been on it for so long it is going to take him a while to be comfortable without it. There is a wean protocol that must be followed and unfortunately like other parts of Owen’s recovery will just take time. We are so happy to report that our prayers have been heard. His WBC and CRP went down again! We don’t have an infection!!! Yay!!! His BUN and creatinine are up a bit so we are pulling back on the diuretics and going to give them a little break. Can’t have our tiny prince looking like a California Raisin! Lastly, he’s doing so well they put him on the list to head back to CV Acute when a room is open! While we are nervous, we are so excited with how well he is doing! Owen Version 2 rocks!!!