Old Guy Named Elvis?

Hey heart family… Stinky cheese man here… Mommy keeps calling me that and I laugh when she does it and Daddy rolls his eyes. We’ve been having lots of fun lately. Every day they make me do this thing called “Baby O’s Firsts”. It’s so cool! I am doing all this new stuff. Today I surprised them and I tried a first on my own for my day 103 birthday. I got my hand all the way to my mouth and then I tasted it! It was so weird. Mom said I made this face that looked like some old guy named Elvis. I’m so excited to try some first things tomorrow. I have an echo tomorrow to check on my veins though. Please pray that they’re playing nice. Mommy and Daddy get pretty sad on echo days and it makes me worried.

We all love you lots and can’t wait to update you with good news tomorrow!