Hoppy Saturday

Good morning heart family!

I LOVE Saturdays cuz’ nobody pokes me and I don’t have any field trips to go on for any tests! I just get to hang out with my mommy and daddy all day! I was so excited that it was Saturday I woke up every hour last night to tell mommy about it. She didn’t think it was necessary but I just couldn’t help it! I had really bad toots last night too so those woke me up anyways. But, I got most of them out and feeling much better this morning. Dr. Stanley in IR put my feeding tube in the right place yesterday and I finally started eating again last night! Man was I starving. I think Dr. Stanley wants me to be the spokesperson for Hypafix cuz’ he put a lot on my face! Can’t wait for my gjtube surgery so I never have to have tape on my face again! They’re going to wean me off the oxygen today and hopefully we an go outside again tomorrow. Mommy and daddy said they are going to push me in this cool stroller carseat thingy and they said that I am gonna love it! I also heard a mumble from them saying that I’d better love it cuz I’d be spending a lot of time in it, especially during a 2 1/2 hour car ride to that H place they sometimes talk about. They pray to Jesus every night that we’ll all go there really soon! I can’t wait! 

I love all of you and hoppy Saturday! 

Xoxo Stinky man