Happy Happy Sunday

Keep the prayers coming! My WBC and CRP are starting to trend down and my preliminary blood culture is showing negative! They’ll watch it for 72 hours but so far so good! My high flow has been weaned to 2.5 liters and they’re giving me Pedialyte today to get my gut ready for feeds tomorrow! Please pray I can tolerate the feeds NG, mommy doesn’t want me to have to get them NJ. I also got a wean on my narcotics and I’m praying I don’t have any withdrawals! Withdrawals stink and make everyone really sad! I was really active this morning so mommy kept putting that darn camera in my face. She loves to show me off. Mommy posted a video of me on my Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/lionheartowen I wanted her to share with all of you! Hope you have a great Sunday!