Good morning everybody! I’m 15 weeks today. It’s been a very busy morning. The X-ray tech came thrashing in this morning and woke me up on the wrong side of the bed. I recovered but then the GI doctors came by to check on me. They are happy with the amount of feeds I have been able to handle NG and are going to do one more test before scheduling my surgery. The test determines how much I reflux and how long it stays in my esophagus. Then I was just about to start relaxing and the echo tech showed up. I tried to be good for her but she took too long and I was just about done. She finished up and I was thrilled till mom decided I couldn’t go another day without a bath. She said I was way too cute to be the stinky kid on the floor. I’m all fresh and clean now and mommy wanted me to smile for my photo op but I told her she was pushing her luck and fell asleep. Not sure when my cardiologist will read the echo but I’m dreaming that my veins are being nice to me and show a lower or unchanged gradient. Thanks for all of your prayers and sweet messages. Love you!