Day 75

Day 75 and don’t let that smiling lion fool you! Our lil’ man has had a tough day. We have a good, bad, and ugly times 2 to share with our little heart family. The GOOD- Owen was weaned off of high flow and onto the regular nasal cannula. He has done great! In fact, his respiratory rate is better than when he was on the high flow support and he had the best blood gas that we have seen in a while! The BAD, Owen is FUSSY!!! He had a big win today and started 5cc every 3 hours directly into his tummy! He has not vomited and seems to be tolerating it well; except we think he wants MORE! He seems to be VERY hungry now that his stomach remembers what food is. In comes the UGLY- Mom is still wearing the same two Maxi skirts she’s worn since she showed up in LA, is very tired from 8 hours of a crying baby (although I love love love finally hearing him cry), and is hungry (note: I’m not a nice hungry person… Now we know where Owen gets it from). Couple that with Owen dealing with the second UGLY – possible withdrawal and there is just one ball of fun in the CTICU today. Pray Owen continues to tolerate his feeds so we can give him what his tummy wants and that he can be weaned from the hydromorphone with little to no withdrawal symptoms. Also, pray for mom’s sanity. Somedays I wonder where it went on vacation and when it plans on coming back!