Poked, Prodded, and Perfect

What an adventure we had today! Our day started a little rocky but we learned that God always has a Plan B. Once again all that we had planned when we walked out the door in Palm Desert at 7:00am was flipped and turned upside down by the time we arrived in Los Angeles at 9:45am. The original cardiologist we had hoped for was on vacation in New York and they had scheduled us with someone we were unfamiliar with. Our 10am appointment was then running incredibly late and interfering with our 11am appt. We had 3 appointments scheduled back to back and needed to see all of them before returning home. Despite all the nervousness we were feeling and the hiccups we were experiencing the team at CHLA were the most compassionate group of professionals and welcomed us with the widest open arms and eased our anxieties immediately.

First, we met with the Cardiologist and Owen was on his BEST behavior! For the first time we heard a doctor say, “Wow! He’s at the perfect angle and I’m getting the best pictures!” She said multiple times that they were such great images and she was looking forward to sharing them with her colleagues at the next conference. She confirmed Owen’s diagnosis as Truncus Arteriosus. She says she will not know the exact type until he is here but pretty sure its a Type 1 or 2 so for now she is calling it a “Type 1 1/2”. After the ultrasound, she lead us to a conference room where she went over every detail of Owen’s surgery and showed us full diagrams of the repairs needed on his heart. They call this surgery a Rastelli Repair and it has a very positive outcome. She answered every question that we had in regards to before, during and after his surgery. We received detailed information on his recovery and we both feel very prepared for whats ahead. She took the time with us to treat us like humans and we were so thankful that she was our cardiologist! When the appointment was over, we walked out of the room with a huge weight lifted and no more unanswered questions!

Next we met with our new Perinatologist. He was very warm and welcoming. He did a BPP ultrasound, an umbilical doppler and even showed us the blood flow through Owen’s brain! He was very pleased with the care we have been receiving by Dr. Steiger and agrees to continue the monitoring as we have been. He confirmed Owen’s growth delay but assured us that it is common for heart babies and that they will continue to monitor it closely.

Last, we met with our new OB. She was fabulous and answered all questions I’ve had about delivery! With all that has been going on with Owen I forgot that I still have to give birth! My nerves started to get the best of me but she calmed me down before I could give it a second thought! I am very happy to have her as my coach on Owen’s birthday!

After a long day of being poked and prodded we were spent, however our OB had one more piece of information she needed to go over. Owen’s Due Date! We will be going in at 7am on May 15th to begin induction and welcome our precious miracle into this world! We are scheduled to have him naturally and pray that all goes well with the delivery and that God doesn’t change to a Plan B for that day! All in all today was a perfect day!

“Do not worry about anything. But pray and ask God for everything you need. And when you pray, always give thanks”. Philippians 4:6.