Ladies Man

Good night heart family! Owen had a great last two days with his nurses. He is quite the ladies man and all of the nurses call him their boyfriend by the end of their shift. He has released a lot of fluid but still has a generous amount to lose. The doctors are hoping to start the process of removing the breathing tube tomorrow. We have been told this can be a quick process or take several days. As with everything, Owen is in the drivers seat and we are all just along for the ride. Jeff and I fall more in love with him every second and it's becoming harder and harder to return to the Ronald McDonald House at the end of the day. 

CHLA offers a great program called Literally Healing. Every day they give us a new book for Owen’s library. It has become a routine of ours to read to him every night and then give him kisses. We are so grateful for the program to have new books to read as I am sure Owen is happy he does not have to hear “Guess how much I love you” one more time.